I’ve been writing iOS applications for more than 10 years. I’ve had countless (and sometimes useless) apps in the App Store over the years. Here are some of my latest projects.



Networking is a lightweight and powerful open source HTTP network framework I have written in Swift. It uses Combine and URLSession for network calls and can be used as a network layer for any REST API on iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.


Check it out on Github

ios swift pokedex app pokemon iphone



SwiftPokedex is a simple Pokedex app I have written in Swift that implements the PokeAPI. It is an open source Github repo that demonstrates the latest in iOS development and mobile app architecture using Combine, compositional layout and modern iOS technology.


Check it out on Github

anywheel ios app spin a wheel and be spontaneous

Anywheel – Be spontaneous


I created Anywheel as a simple way to be spontaneous and discover new places. Instead of having to decide what to do or where to go, I just wanted to spin a wheel and let faith decide. Anywheel will find your location and create wheels for you with restaurants, cafes and museums in the area. Then you can spin a wheel and let faith decide what to do.




Notecap iOS

Notecap – Capture & digitize handwritten notes


Notecap is an app that lets you capture and digitize handwritten sticky notes or any type of text, fast and easy. Export your notes to a variety of places like email and spread sheets, even as tickets to Trello and Jira.




Freezetimer – Cool drinks to the perfect temperature ❄️


10 years ago I uploaded my very first app to the Appstore. It was called FreezeTime and it would set a timer for how long a beverage should be in the freezer to reach a desired temperature. By setting the initial beverage temperature, the temperature of the freezer and the end temperature, Freezetimer would calculate the freezing time of the beverage and then send a notification when it was done. You would also set the type – and the size – of the container of the beverage. As well as the alcohol content. To celebrate my 10 year anniversary on the Appstore I decided to rewrite my first app and re-upload it 🎉 



freezetimer ios app